Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

Wilhelmina was Queen of the Netherlands from 1890 until her abdication in 1948. She reigned for nearly 58 years, longer than any other Dutch monarch. Her reign saw both World War I and World War II, as well as the Dutch economic crisis of 1933. She was born: August 31, 1880, and died November 28, 1962 in the Netherlands. 
This is a framed lithograph by Master French Artist Paul Emile Berthon (1872-1909). This gorgeous high quality piece circa 1901 is in very good condition according to its age.

Dimensions: 10″ Wide × 14″ High

Content and Techniques: Painting on _____, solid pine frame

Place of Origin: Netherlands

Cleaning Instructions: Dust with soft cloth and wipe with warm gentle soapy water



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