Brown Button Peruvian Pillow

These luxurious pillows are 100% ethically sourced Peruvian wool and hand woven to achieve that raised slub staccato effect. These pillows were formerly designed by è bella in Boulder and fabricated by Peruvian makers who are at the forefront of a sustainably evolved approach to manufacturing.

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Description: This Azilal rug from the provincial capital of central Morocco in the High Atlas Mountains is made from pure sheep wool mixed with cotton to add the pops of color. The diamond pattern dances in luscious pale grape, lime green, taupe and sky blue and are symbols of good luck. 4″ of fringe on one side. Adds a beautiful and comfortable touch to the foot of a bed or a transition between two rooms. Fine condition.


Content and Techniques: 100% Wool, Hand Woven


Place of Origin: Morocco


Cleaning Instructions: Fill Bathtub with cool water and woolite.  Rinse until water is clear.  Line dry outside.



Dimensions 13 × 13 × 4 in


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