Senior Housing Sitting Room Flowers

Hover Green House Yellow Rose Cottage

Charles Hover had a deep affection for his wife Katherine. To express his love, Charles commissioned the creation of a yellow rose created especially for her, having it shipped over from Europe to be planted around the beautiful Hover home that he had built for her and his daughter Beatrice. He also had beautiful yellow rose stained glass art made for her by an artisan in England and shipped over to be displayed in the historic Hover Home, that remains for Longmont citizens to enjoy. The yellow rose is the logo of our Hover Senior Living Community, as a testament to the history of the Hover family, beginning their vision of creating affordable and dignified housing for seniors of the Longmont community.


The interior reflects not only our rich history but also a beautiful Colorado spring day. Bright yellow, gracious green and sky blue are used throughout this house to bring light and joy for the Elders who live here.

Hover Green House Catalpa Cottage

The stately shape of the Catalpa Tree signifies the creative and life-affirming promise of renewal even in the middle of winter. On the 167 acre Hover family farm, the Catalpa grove of trees is the largest “naturally grown” grove in this area of the country.


The interior reflects the feeling of a cozy winter retreat in Colorado, bringing in the color of our beautiful Colorado winters and incorporating Colorado nature and Native American roots.

Hover Green House Sylvan Cottage

The Hover family would host Sylvan suppers “Amongst the Trees,” for the Longmont community at their family farm during the beautiful summer months of Colorado. They would set up tables around the historic Hover Home and families from all over Longmont would bring a delightful array of foods to be shared with their Longmont neighbors. In this way, the Hover family brought their community together to enjoy CONVIVIUM.


The interior reflects the Colorado summer season with sky blues, and the bright reds and whites of summer blossoms. Elders enjoy the incorporation of décor that reflects the foundation of our country and the history of our beautiful state.

Two Seniors Chatting In the Den

Hover Green House Tudor Cottage

The Hover family left instructions that any building on their 167 acre family farm had to include the Tudor style of architecture. Hover’s Architect assured that we met this desire of the Hover family, adding beautiful touches throughout our Green House campus.


The interior reflects a crisp Autumn day with beautiful golds, oranges and the lovely Aspens of Colorado. Elders enjoy a beautiful golden glow in this home around the Colorado stone fireplace in the living room.